Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mini Journal: St Paddy's Day Girl

My journal is a great place where I can try new things. These days with Saint Patrick's Day around the corner I chose to create this lovely redhead.

The headpiece is a glittery clover I found at Dollar Tree. It's funny how drawing faces came back to me all of a sudden.

I remember doodling in my school notebooks all the time. To such an extreme that my teachers sent my mom a note asking her to have me pay more attention in class. The funny part was that the drawing did not take away from my performance. My mom in her wisdom decided to buy me a drawing notebook that I could use when the inspiration struck me. I thank her for that all the time.

Food for thought for any parent, feed your child's gift instead of stomping them out. These days there are so many cutbacks in school art and music programs that we need to reinforce each of our god given gifts.

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