Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drawing: Yoshi

Yoshi is one of my favorite things about living in Central Texas. This pug brings such joy and whimsy to life here. His expressive eyes are unique in that they almost speak volumes in one look.
I have been attempting to capture his expression for a long time and I am finally satisfied with what I have achieved. Enough so that I decided to publish it on my blog.
My drawing ability may still need some refining but as they say "practice makes perfect".

He is a constant companion and has this innate ability to know when I am in need of a cuddle. I can honestly say that is indispensable in my life these days.
He is a show dog, lap dog, and ham in every sense of the word. His AKC grand championship may be 5 points away in their books, but he has been a grand champion since the day I met him.

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RelyonRonni said...

Great drawing.. .you are so talented, my friend! Yeshiva is sooo cute:-))