Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wonderful Wednesdays: August ATC

On this my first installment of "Wonderful Wednesdays" I wanted to show you how I used those butterflies. I wanted to keep as much of their vibrancy as possible so I printed them out on inkjet transparency sheets. These are my first ATC cards for APieceofcraft . Marion Smith is an inspiration with all the embossing idea videos on Youtube. My strong in divine guidance allowed me to find her online. In these I used Arithmetique gaffer tape by 7Gypsies, Stampin Up Vanilla cardstock and jewel brads from the pretties kit, as well as stamps from the Make it Count stamp set. I have also always wanted to play with some Dee Gruenig brush markers I bought a while back. I wanted to make the stamps echo the colors of the butterflies and I found myself wondering why I hadn't thought of the idea before. I will definitely make up for that oversight from now on.


Sassy Sasha said...

oh that is too cute

Marion said...

These were so cute! I got them on Monday and was so delighted!!