Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outside the box: Glidden Paint Chips

In my life I am constantly searching for ways I can re-purpose something. That is why I will be calling these types of posts "Outside the box", because that is what I am challenging myself to do (to craft and think outside of the box). On a recent trip to Walmart I picked up this paint chips totally at random. I remembered how some people had re-purposed them in some of their online color challenges. The names seemed pretty and summery (Orange Slice, Sexy Pink, Watermelon Smoothie). They made me think of sitting on the beach with an umbrella drink.

Tomorrow I will share with you what I decided to create with these. I challenge you to look at something in your everyday life and think how you can re-purpose it. In my case it was something that caught my eye, and as a bonus happened to be FREE. How many things can you say that about lately (the FREE part anyway, LOL!).

Thanks for indulging me and stopping by my blog! 

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