Thursday, March 15, 2012

Card: Julia's Timeless Birthday

The wait is over!

Here are the finished card and envelope I was so happy to be entrusted to create. Thanks Jan for loving my card so much that you wanted me to create another one for your daughter, Julia.

I wanted to make sure to tie both card and envelope together in some way. The result a timeless theme to go with the travel photos I found. They matched some of the things I had found out about Julia.

 She will be traveling to Europe and while there she will be taking a cycling trip across Italy. Her greatest treasure is her beloved daughter, Jenna Mei (from Guangdong, China).

In many ways the journeys of her life inspired this card. Even though I have never met her, I feel as if I can identify with her adventurous soul.

I pray she will enjoy this card as much as I enjoyed creating it.

 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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