Monday, August 6, 2012

Mini Journal: Tread your own path

On a recent trip to Mount Bonnell, I found a piece of tread and a couple of stones. The hike up to the top was amazing and I was thoroughly inspired by nature. My mountain goat "hiking" skills may be rusty but the experience was unforgettable. The circle sheet (to be used as a mask) was left over from a package of dimensional pop dots.

The being of light is how I felt when I completed the hike. The heart was drawn like a vibrant patch for a bright effect. I also wrote some words to describe the feelings needed to endure such a hike. Some of these were: perseverance, passion, pleasure/pain, truth, faith, etc. I even found myself finger painting and remember how fun it felt to just CREATE without limits. It was invigorating, DIRTY but invigorating! LOL
This is the finished product and I admit looking at the completed work I feel victorious.  My calligraphy also looks right at home on this page. The hike was well worth waking up early on a Sunday for the great inspiration!

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