Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mike Strong Stamps

I love artsy (Cloisonne) stamps and when I saw Mike Strong's Hearts Overflowing video on CraftTV weekly I fell in love. I love watching his videos because he makes them so easy to follow. I ordered some of his stamps and was surprised when I received an email from Mike Strong himself. I ordered the heart and the fan. Mike Strong emailed me back to let me know the heart stamp comes with an acrylic block. Yay! - I encourage anyone who is ito rubberstamping to check his website Mike Strong Stamps.

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Hetty said...

found your blog and I noticed you are working with stamp from Michael Stron.
I just started a yahoogroup for him.
Would you like to join in??
Michael is with us too!

He has just put out a challenge, maybe you want to try too:

Check out my own blog at:

The Netherlands